Calls for Stories

Current Calls for Stories

Interested in submitting a personal story for the symposia? Please see the Author Guidelines (section “Narrative Symposia—Personal Stories”). Inquiries and submissions for narrative symposia stories and articles should be sent to: For a list of published symposia, click here.


Receiving Clinical Ethics Consultation Services

Symposium Editors Jana M. Craig, Ph.D. and Thomas May, Ph.D.

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Forthcoming Symposia

Providing Care When Patients Are “Difficult”

Symposium Editor Autumn Fiester, PhD

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Grateful Patient Fundraising: Stories from Physicians

Symposium Editors Jason Keune, MD & Jeremy Lazarus, MD

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Receiving the Gift of Life: Stories from Organ Transplant Recipients

Symposium Editors Jason T. Eberl, Ph.D. & Tristan McIntosh, Ph.D.

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Pregnancy Loss

Symposium Editor Elena Kraus, MD, PhD

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