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Current Issue

Volume 13, Number 1
Providing Care When Patients Are "Difficult"

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Past Issues


VOLUME 12: 2022

Volume 12, Number 3
Pregnancy Loss

Volume 12, Number 2
Receiving The Gift Of Life: Stories From Organ Transplant Recipients

Volume 12, Number 1
Grateful Patient Fundraising: Stories from Physicians

VOLUME 11: 2021

Volume 11, Number 3
Experiencing Racism In Health Care: Stories From Health Care Professionals

Volume 11, Number 2
Living with Mental Health Challenges: Personal Stories of Recovery from Across the Globe

Volume 11, Number 1
Research on COVID-19: Stories from IRB Members, Research Administrators and Investigators

VOLUME 10: 2020

Volume 10, Number 3
Ethical Challenges in Discharge Planning: Stories from Patients

Volume 10, Number 2
Living with Alzheimer Disease and Other Types of Dementia: Stories from Caregivers

Volume 10, Number 1
Healthcare After a Near-Death Experience

VOLUME 9: 2019

Volume 9, Number 3
#MeToo in Surgery: Narratives by Women Surgeons

Volume 9, Number 2
Challenges with Healthcare in the Rural and Prairie Environment

Volume 9, Number 1
When Citizens Do Science: Stories from Labs, Garages, and Beyond

VOLUME 8: 2018

Volume 8, Number 3
Living with Chronic Pain in the Midst of the Opioid Crisis

Volume 8, Number 2
Healthcare Challenges Faced by Adopted Persons Lacking Family Health History Information

Volume 8, Number 1
Doctor in the Family: Stories and Dilemmas Surrounding Illness in Relatives
Special Supplement: Veterans' Health Care on the Home Front

VOLUME 7: 2017

Volume 7, Number 3
Challenges With Care During Labor and Delivery

Volume 7, Number 2
Cancer and Fertility

Volume 7, Number 1
Community-Academic Partnerships in Research and Public Health

VOLUME 6: 2016

Volume 6, Number 3
To Vaccinate or Not? Parents’ Stories

Volume 6, Number 2
Patient, Family, and Clinician Experiences with Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)

Volume 6, Number 1
Political Influence on Bioethical Deliberation

VOLUME 5: 2015

Volume 5, Number 3
Patient and Research Participant Experiences with Genetic Testing

Volume 5, Number 2

Volume 5, Number 1A (Special Issue)
Toward Treatment with Respect and Dignity in the Intensive Care Unit

Volume 5, Number 1
Making Ethical Decisions: Stories from Surgeons


VOLUME 4: 2014

Volume 4, Number 3
Religion in Medical and Nursing Practice

Volume 4, Number 2

Volume 4, Number 1
Confronting Pediatric Brain Tumors: Parent Stories


VOLUME 3: 2013

Volume 3, Number 3
Living With the Label “Disability”: Personal Narrative as a Resource for Responsive and Informed Practice in Biomedicine and Bioethics

Volume 3, Number 2
The Many Faces of Moral Distress Among Clinicians: Introduction

Volume 3, Number 1
Taking Bioethics Personally


VOLUME 2: 2012

Volume 2, Number 3
Parenting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Through the Transition to Adulthood

Volume 2, Number 2
Delivering Health Care in Severely Resource-Constrained Settings

Volume 2, Number 1
Living Organ Donation


VOLUME 1: 2011

Volume 1, Number 3
Nursing Assistants Working in Long-Term Care Facilities

Volume 1, Number 2
Conflicting Interests in Medicine: Stories by Physicians on How Financing Affects Their Work

Volume 1, Number 1
Experiences of Psychiatric Hospitalization